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The best Voice-First concierge for Hospitality and Vacation Rentals - now for Alexa & other Smart Devices!
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Home Service
Home Service is the most convenient virtual concierge known to man. It’s a smart stand-in for your guest’s most pressing questions, such as: where is the laundry unit?, parking? And can we do a late checkout? Currently on Alexa, coming to Google Home soon...
Save Time
Home Service is here to save you the time and confusion often created by dealing with guest inquiries. With HomeService the priceless peace of mind of knowing that all answers related to your space are at your guest’s fingertips. On Demand!
Easy Setup
Creating a property and linking it to a smart speaker takes less than 5 minutes (we timed it). We've worked hard to make the experience as effortless as possible - no coding or complicated integrations required, hosts and hospitality managers can get set it all up in no time.
Grow Infinitely
Home Service grows with you. There is no limit to the number of rooms or rentals you can add, and we're constantly building in new questions, property management integrations, and AI powered insights. Whether you have one beach house or a hundred rooms, Home Service will be there with you!
Frequently Asked Questions
Got questions? We have answers!
How can guests make full use of Home Service?
Guests can take full advantage of Home Service by talking to it as they would to a regular front desk or support person. To quickly onboard them, either leave a copy of the cheat sheet near their echo, or send it to them in an email before they arrive. We hope that soon knowledge about Home Service will be widespread and ubiquitous and guest onboarding won’t be required, but as with all cool new tech, they might need a few quick pointers.
What do I have to do to enable Home Service?
Setting up Home Service is really easy. Answer questions for each property on our web portal, and use the generated codes to link these answers to your Alexa or Google Home.
Is it linked to my Amazon or Google account?
Nope! Home Service is totally independent of your other account. As long as you can enable the skill or action, we'll take care of the rest!
What sorts of insights will I be able to see?
People speak candidly with smart speakers. You'll gain actionable insights about your property regarding things which guests don't leave in reviews. We've already helped people quickly identify leaking pipes, electrical problems, and internet issues!


For Property Managers

Per property Per month.

*Billed monthy or 25% off annually, so $5.25 a month.


Create multiple properties.

Multi-modal support for Voice Assistnants with screens.

Analytics, Insights, and Feedback.

Pre answer all sorts of questions about your property!

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Scaled Pricing

For enterprises and those who are looking to leverage voice at a large scale.

Dedicated account management and deployment support.

Integration with property management and booking systems.

Deep insights - understand exactly how guests are using your proprety and how you can drive customer satisfaction.
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