If you’re not using automation in your vacation rentals and AirBnB’s, you’re wasting your time and money.
POSTED BY Petar Ojdrovic ON Tue, May 28th 2019, 03:50 PM
Most people don’t really understand online and AI automation. They don’t even realize that most of what goes into managing rentals and vacation properties can be automated easily and inexpensively. They believe that automation is something which is reserved for larger businesses, something which is too expensive to implement, and generally out of reach of smaller hosts and hospitality managers.
The Benefits of a Virtual Concierge System for Vacation Rentals
POSTED BY Petar Ojdrovic ON Tue, May 14th 2019, 04:41 PM
Virtual Concierge platforms such as Home Service can provide guests with rich conversational and contextual information which can save hosts time and provide guests with the information and support they need the moment they need it.
Automating AirBnB and Vacation Rental Guest Engagement. The best ways to save time while hosting
POSTED BY Petar Ojdrovic ON Thu, Apr 25th 2019, 07:16 PM
The fact of the matter remains that guests and visitors want a way to engage, and they want an easy and intuitive way to get the information they need without really having to search for it. Going through email and text chains, guestbooks, and other informative material is simply too inconvenient for many guests, and they end up feeling short-charged because they didn’t get what they were expecting, or they constantly nag, contact, and engage with the host to get the information and content they need.
AirBnB Automation: 5 Awesome ways Hosts can Automate their Rentals and Mazimize Efficiency.
POSTED BY Petar Ojdrovic ON Fri, Apr 19th 2019, 04:14 PM
In an ideal world, the host would take a few pictures of their home, approve a guest, and sit back while their properties made them money. Unfortunately, this isn’t entirely possible. However, lots of hosts have managed to offload 90% of the work they do, increase bookings and satisfaction, and make hosting a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable experience.
The Future of Voice — why the marriage of voice and screen is critical to its development.
POSTED BY Petar Ojdrovic ON Sun, May 5th 2019, 01:09 PM
As one of the earliest developers and entrepreneurs to get started in voice, I constantly get asked about where I see the future of voice going, and what sorts of experiences are going to be the most intuitive, fun, and reliable for everyone using it.
Revolutionizing Hospitality — How Voice and AI can bring hotels into the 21st Century.
POSTED BY Petar Ojdrovic ON Wed, Mar 20th 2019, 01:09 PM
Hospitality is one of the largest industries in the world, and yet is an industry which seems to have been avoided by the advent of ultra modern technology and the availability of AI — cloud based PMS platforms only started popping up a few years ago. Certain facets have been modernized — booking, itineraries, and flight searching have all benefited from advances in AI, design, and data gathering. However, the technologies which have become prevalent on the phone and browser aspects of booking and travel aren’t present in most hotel experiences, and especially not in the rooms where guests spend a majority of their time.
Voice AI is Driving Customer Satisfaction in Hospitality and Building Brand Loyalty.
POSTED BY Petar Ojdrovic ON Mon, Feb 18th 2019, 01:09 PM
It’s no mystery that one of the biggest challenges facing the hospitality industry today is the lack of good data regarding guest satisfaction and willingness to return. In an industry where satisfaction is easily the most important metric, this lack of visibility is something which hinders the growth of brands and the creation of personalized experience which ultimately cause people to return again and again.
7 Awesome Ways that Voice Tech can Benefit Hospitality
POSTED BY Petar Ojdrovic ON Wed, Jan 23rd 2019, 10:43 PM
Voice is here to stay, and one of the industries most primed to take advantage of this awesome new technology is hospitality! Talking is natural, and voice is natural. Automation in hospitality used to be something of an impossibility. Navigating through menus and robotic interfaces like the ones you’d find in an airport check-in booth or phone robot are inherently inhospitable. More often than not, you feel like throwing your phone at the wall, punching the check-in booth, or both!
Conversational AI helps vacation rental users and hotels spot problems and save time.
POSTED BY Petar Ojdrovic ON Sat, Jan 5th 2019, 01:43 PM
When we started our business 6 months ago, we wanted to be the best possible voice concierge for hotels and vacation rentals. We did it because a) we thought it was a really cool idea, b) we thought the hospitality industry was ready to modernize the way it interacts with guests, and c), we firmly believe that the best way to get information and feedback from visitors and guests is to have a conversation with them. What started out as a really smart guestbook quickly evolved into a product which has proven to be very very useful to both hotel clients and vacation rental owners, and is bringing hospitality one step closer to full automation.
Bringing Voice to Vacation Rentals — How an engineer cleverly automated Airbnb hosting
POSTED BY Petar Ojdrovic ON Fri, Sep 28th 2018, 09:27 AM
Like many, I first tried AirBnB with some reluctance. While it seemed like a good way to supplant my income, it also came over as a risky venture, full of potential nightmares. But after talking a to a few other hosts and reading over the reviews online. I decided to go for it. With a house stocked with expensive looking amenities and a spare key made, my journey with the “Uber for short-term rentals” had begun.

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