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Home Service for Hotels

Unleash the power of Voice and AI

The best way to engage with guests and maximize efficiency

Automated support, astounding insights, and easier generation of feedback and reviews make Home Service a 'Must Have' for modern hotels!
There’s no getting around the fact that voice tech facilitates really easy and intuitive conversational experiences! Home Service has been exceptionally good at encouraging guests to leave large amounts of relevant and actionable feedback which hosts and hoteliers can use to add value and drive return visits.
By automating many of the repetitive task, hoteliers are freed of the burden of redundant staff and can reinvest these resource into creating more value and an even better experience. Future platforms for automated checking in and checking out will further increase this efficiency and provide an end-to-end solution.
Imagine all the incredibly useful information can be generated by a platform like this - the ability to precisely pinpoint what can be improved and what is working really well is a huge asset to hoteliers. Our systems can provide this information and package it into actionable insights.

Research is a huge part of what we do

Staying on top of industry and technology trends is what enables us to make a great and relevant product. We're commited to making our reserach public, and you can check all of it out on our blog!
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We are launching for hotels. If you want to be one of the first Home Service users, please contact us and we will arrange a demo and show you how useful Home Service can be! Let us know if you have any additional questions about our product.
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Company info
Home Service is announcing the expansion of its services to the hotel industry. Home Service was founded in Sept, 2018, by Airbnb hosts; veteran startupper Daniel Brownwood and computer engineer Petar Ojdrovic, to provide guest automation services to Airbnb hosts.

Currently available on Alexa, and coming soon to Google Home and Mycroft, the service allows hosts to pre-program answers to frequently asked guest questions about their stay.
We are growing!
The rapid, entirely organic growth has given the team confidence to make a bid at the hotel market in Q2/2019. A key differentiator of Home Service is its focus on supply-side economic efficiencies.

Home Service is currently preparing for pilots in a number of hotels in the New England. More details on these partnerships to come soon. We look forward to working with many incredible brands and hotels soon!